What you can do to help get the U.S. to net-zero

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By Spencer Hayes

Clean energy, otherwise known as renewable energy, is energy that is taken from resources that are naturally replenished by the Earth. President Joe Biden’s goal for the United States is to use clean energy to get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This would mean removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere by using carbon removal as well as reducing human caused emissions. But what does that mean for everyday American citizens?

There are many things that people can do in their day-to-day life that can help the country achieve this goal. Here are six steps you can take to keep the country on track.

President Joe Biden’s goal for the United States is to use clean energy to get to net zero green house gas emissions by 2050. Photo above of Biden at a campaign event at Los Angeles Trade Technical College on November 14th, 2019 by Cristobal Spielmann.

Educate yourself about the “Race to 100% Clean”

There are countless economic, political and social factors that play a role in how the country can reach 100% clean energy in the president’s time frame.

Different cities, states and corporations are working toward a clean energy goal.

It is important to know the steps to getting to 100% clean. The 100% clean energy goal addresses the country’s number one problem: waste and pollution. The plan to reach that goal includes things like a unified grid, which will allow states that produce more renewable energy than others to share that energy and more.

Generate public will for action toward climate change to increase in local government

It is not easy for every American to buy solar panels for their home or incorporate completely clean energy under a budget. However, everyone can play a role in pushing local politicians to vote for bills that minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

This article offers tips for engagement and how to start these discussions.

Learn different ways to use renewable energy in your home

Understanding renewable energy is extremely important for people to use it in their homes. There are many options that the average person can do to support renewable energy.

Using options like solar power and hydroelectric power in your homes is a great way for renewable energy to get more common throughout the country.

Be mindful of where you shop and what you eat

Everything that you consume, whether food or materialistic goods, affects the climate and environment. Being mindful of the impact these products have toward global deforestation or greenhouse gas emissions will help the country achieve its clean energy goals.

This article has five solutions for being a more eco-friendly consumer.

Become familiar with climate advocacy groups in your area

Knowing what activists are doing to address climate change is an easy way to familiarize yourself with clean energy. Go Green Go is a site that helps Ohio residents find environmental and climate awareness groups in their counties.

This site directs users to the advocacy group’s website, social media, contact information and demographic statistics for each climate group. With resources like these, you can become more connected with those working toward clean energy.



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