Five things to know about sustainable fashion

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By Kennedi Hewitt

Via Anna Sullivan on Unsplash.

Sustainable fashion is a huge hot topic. Want to learn more about what it means, but not too sure where to start? Here are a few articles to guide you. 

1.) “Fast fashion vs. sustainable fashion.”  

Despite its many benefits, sustainable fashion is not the preferred method of clothing production. Fast fashion, which is more harmful for the environment and less sustainable, still dominates the industry. Read more about the pros and cons of fast fashion as it compares to sustainable fashion here

2.) “Seven forms of sustainable fashion.”  

There are many ways to be sustainable in your fashion choices outside of shopping; sustainable fashion choices don’t start and end with buying an all-organic cotton wardrobe. Consider upcycling old clothing or even making your own pieces. Learn more practical ideas to make your wardrobe sustainable here

3.) “Is sustainable fashion reserved for the elite?”  

Sustainable fashion brands are often criticized for being expensive and unattainable for most people. The high prices of many sustainable brands prevent people from making the switch. However, there are still inexpensive ways to shop sustainably. Read more about affordable sustainable fashion options here

4.) “How can you tell when a fashion brand is greenwashing?” 

Claims to reduce carbon emissions and advertisements celebrating eco-friendly packaging might catch your eye when looking for environmentally-friendly brands. But with sustainable fashion on the rise, some companies have been accused of greenwashing: presenting a false image of being environmentally friendly. Learn how to spot greenwashing here

5.) “Forget sustainability––can fashion actually heal the planet?” 

Should sustainability be the goal, or should we strive to do more to protect the planet? Fashion brand Christy Dawn reverted to ancient regeneration practices and traditional wisdom with a plan to produce fashion that heals rather than sustains. Read more about Christy Dawn here



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